Photo courtesy of Deborah Glenn

Photo courtesy of Deborah Glenn

Southern Pine Company of Georgia believes in preservation of our history through the salvage of antique old-growth woods. For twenty-five years, we have been reclaiming, preserving, restoring and supplying vintage old growth wood for renovation and new construction.

A division of RK Construction & Development, Southern Pine Company grew from the dreams of its president, Ramsey Khalidi, of preserving the irreplaceable treasures of Savannah, Georgia’s historic districts.

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A born preservationist, Ramsey was appalled at the destruction of historic properties going on in Savannah in the 1980’s. He was soon involved in rescuing buildings scheduled for demolition, moving many of them to new locations, restoring many in place, and salvaging the valuable materials from those that could not be safely moved or restored.

These age-old salvaged materials formed the basis of Southern Pine Company. As stockpiles of flooring, beams, windows, doors, and trim began to outgrow the availability of warehouse space, Southern Pine Company was conceived as a business dedicated to harvesting, restoring, and reselling these historic treasures of the "Urban Forest."