Custom Sliding Barn Door

A few months ago we finished and installed these beautiful custom “Barn Door” sliding doors. They're cleverly made from a rusted reclaimed angle iron frame, weathered oaken fence boards, and handles from reclaimed industrial machine parts.

We’ve combined the experience of an entire barn operation just in this one piece by implementing objects found around a farm: thus the piece itself works as kind of aesthetic-by-metonymy. The boards provided were salvaged from the original fence surrounding the house that this door is currently installed in, and the frame is specially built to fench the boards in, and rusted to match their weather-beaten look. 

This door subtly demonstrates one of the artistic advantages had by implementing diverse reclaimed material to build a single object: the mixture of a variety of facets from a variety of origins can aggregate into a total impression inside of a home, and stand alone.

We have plenty of iron for framing, and lots of door options, so contact us if you'd like your own!