Reclaimed Heart Pine Farm Table

Each of our farm tables are made from reclaimed wood, and most often old-growth heart pine. This wood is from the original longleaf forests around Coastal Georgia, many of which were half a millennium old, and what we often use comes from hundred year old flooring or porch wood that we've salvaged from deconstruction work in historic Savannah. Thus each table bears hundreds of years of history, both untouched by colonization, and then integrated into our city's history. 

Since the wood itself is so old, it's also quite sturdy, allowing us to keep our designs slighter less cumbersome than many farm-style tables encountered. This is a great benefit for the modern home, which often hasn't the space to accommodate a huge table. (Of course we can make those too!). 

A first example is this variant of our standard farm table, readily distinguished by its yellow-green-grey apron embellished with trim from a Victorian porch we’ve reclaimed. We’ve derived many of our traditional heart pine boards from tattered old porches from Victorian homes, painted often to be eye-catching / appear appealingly, over a century ago. Thus we add ornament leaden with meaning to the whole of a table, while providing a functional apron, and a dash of color.

The legs are modified cuts from circle sawn beams used as supports in Victorian homes, as you can see it still has nail markings and scratches from its long lifetime. The boards making the tabletop also have their own legacy, seen in the slightly irregular edge. The most remarkable part, I think, is the original paint from its original look as a porch. Their thin width shows just how sturdy the aged, tight grained wood remains. 

Another strange bit of history is this farm table made with haint-blue porch-wood. This type of paint was thought to ward off ghosts, and derives from the Gullah culture found in the Low Country. 

This yellow, ornate wood, adds quite an accent to the skirt. 

Of course we're also happy to make a simple, unembellished, unpainted variation of the table. This is thicker heart pine, with very sharp edges. 

Our "prototype" for these tables is a huge and original antique farm table which we keep at the shop for inspiration. 

We custom make all of our tables from pieces our customers hand-select. If you have any ideas, or like one of these, please contact us and we'd love to make it happen!