Gerald's Pig & Shrimp: Reclaimed Beams and Columns

A few years ago we supplied some beautiful reclaimed heart pine beams and columns for our friends at Gerald's Pig & Shrimp, when they moved to Tybee Island. 

The wood and beams are extremely old, sturdy, and look great in their current home!

Gerald's Pig & Shrimp sells barbecue and locally caught seafood on Tybee Island.

"Yes, the atmosphere of this stand is unexpected, and one you may not think you should try. But trust us, you really should. Do not miss this spot in all its funkdom." —A review of Gerald's in an article (see below) titled "Tybee Island: Going Back In Time"

It is an exceptional eatery, earning award after mention after anecdote after satisfied gustation, and its location assures magnifies it's character. For those of you who haven't been to Tybee, the only adequate description available is the phrase "Tybee Time" as a form of life, a bar (featuring frozen alcoholic slushies), a complaint, a sutra, a mantra, a suda, and a kind of spiritual exercise (for example, this article titled "Living on Tybee Time"). The present author, himself, learned to swim in one this environment's many semi-stagnant tidal pools. I hope that it can be inferred how excited we were to help Gerald. 

Gerald himself has an interesting Savannah story, taken from his website, "Back in the early 90’s Gerald Schantz, a Savannah native, a Vietnam era Navy veteran, a professional stained glass artisan and local theatre thespian happened upon an opportunity to cater a private party for the cast and crew of “This Old House” which John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was throwing. Before the event was over, Gerald found himself talking to the show’s producer who commissioned him to handle the company’s wrap party in Monterey Square. The event was so successful, the entrepreneur was able to purchase the first of several custom grills on wheels that formed the beginnings of his rolling catering service, GERALD’S CHUCKWAGON."

So it should be obvious how great of an opportunity it was to help out such a fascinating person with such a spectacular restaurant. 

You can find see more on their Facebook