Fix It and Finish It: Laura's Heart Pine Attic

Aside from providing reclaimed heart pine cabinets and a wardrobe for Fix It and Finish It, we also helped them renovate Ramsey's attic, to make a beautiful, historically accurate, room for his daughter, Laura. 

Photo courtesy of Fix It and Finish It. 

The house itself is Ramsey's, one of the last remaining plantation homes in Savannah, which he preserved by moving it to its current location, and completely restoring it. The attic hadn't yet been given a use, so when we worked with designer Nicki Huggins to turn it from storage into a dream room. 

The room itself consists of heart pine wood for the floor and vaulted ceiling, supported by massive beams. The wood is accurate to the age house, it was built in the early 1800s, and provides a warm interior. 

We also designed a hanging bed with reclaimed heart pine as a frame. Called the "Southern Arabian Nights" bed, it  is suspended from beautiful beams supporting the roof, and the wood for the frame displays original saw-marking. The wood, like the walls, has been pickled, or whitewashed then wiped, which lightens the color, and alludes the antique nature of the house itself.  

Here our painter Paul explains the process of picking to Nicki and Laura. The result is quite stunning, and helps to lighten the room:

We further designed and built the room a hanging desk, a minimal addition to save space in the small (27 foot!) room. It's also made of reclaimed heart pine. In terms of minimal design and micro-spaces, this piece is a favorite of ours. 

Our team installing the custom hanging bed's heart pine frame. 

Ramsey and Nicki discussing an antique pulley we added as a historical accent. 

Our team of builders and designers, also known as "the Gang." A great bunch of people! 

In the end, the room stunned us more than we could have hoped. It is a perfectly minimal, spacious and comfortable hide-away crowing the house. We certainly enjoyed this project, and Laura loved her new room. 

More videos are available on Nicki's vimeo, and you can catch the whole episode on Fix It and Finish It!