Reclaimed Heart Pine Farm Table, Back In The Day Bakery

Today we'd like to spotlight twelve foot farm table we provided for our friends and Savannah cornerstone, Back in the Day Bakery. The bakery itself has provided a cornerstone in the newly vibrant Starland district. The district itself has become increasingly popular in the last few years, but back in the day antedates most all of the development. On opening in 2001, Back in the Day has remained a staple of the greater downtown area, and has now achieved national acclaim, mentioned in a New York Times article as a destination for tourists. 

The table is a longer version of our typical reclaimed heart pine farm table. It has antique pained porch trim for a skirt, reclaimed beams for legs, long heart pine boards at a tabletop. 

Photo courtesy of Back in the Day Bakery. 

It's effect on the aesthetic of the bakery is quite stunning, providing a weight to the space, and a place for large parties to eat at. 

Photo courtesy of Barnlight Electric, who provided these wonderful industrial shades. 

Along with the table, we also made this partition between the dining area and the actual bakery, so visitors can have a look at the inner working of mastery and bread baking. It's made of reclaimed cubbies and windows, all salvaged from various older structures in the Savannah area. 

Another of Barnlight Electric's lovely pictures. We really love what they do for lighting solutions. 

If you happen to be in Savannah, definitely stop by the bakery. We suggest their baguette and house made jam!