Antique Sale: "Eastlake" Cottage Doors, Ornate Newel Post

We recently were given this pair of massive and elegant Eastlake doors, and an ornate newel post from a friend of ours. Each are quite antique, and were salvaged from an Ohio home. They're at least one hundred years old, although they appear to be much older, due to their Victorian embellishments. 

Eastlake Cottage Doors

Two large  (93.5" H x 32" W x 1.5" D.) cottage doors from the Eastlake period. Simple ornamentation along the glazing, resembling strap work of the mannerist period. These doors belong in a beautiful home which can accommodate their size. 


They are missing their original lock and strike-plate, but we may have a set contemporary with it. This could be a wonderful way to modernize the doors, however, with an improved or custom lock. 

Escutcheons as well are missing, but we may be able to find the right replacement to fit whatever taste!

Newel Post

Along with the cottage doors, is this 55" tall, 6 1/4" deep Victorian newel post, perfect for an antique staircase. It's hand carved, and very ornate, though a few parts have suffered damage through time and wear. The finial is also carved, and quite a nice rest for a palm ascending or descending the stairs. 

Beautifully carved chaplet moulding, with some beads missing. 


We'd love to send these to the perfect home, and have them back serving their respective purposes as soon a possible. So if you'd like these rare and beautiful artifacts in your home, please let us know.