Reclaimed Heart Pine Design: Fix It and Finish It

We recently assisted designer Nicki Huggins redesign and renovate SCAD Professor Michael Chaney's master bedroom for the current season of Fix It and Finish It. The show features one-day DIY overhauled renovation of one space in homes throughout the country, working with local contractors. It's quite a spectacle to watch, both the speed of design and surprised of the homeowner at the end. We were, of course, excited for the opportunity and challenge! 

The room selected in Savannah was in a house over 100 years old (build in 1901, so 115 years old!) in our historic Savannah. It  showed signs of its original appearance, but was in need of repair, and a new design solution to better arrange clothes, clutter and space.

To facilitate this, we helped design, built, and installed a stunning custom-made reclaimed heart pine closeting system and wardrobe, complete with a beautiful vintage rolling ladder we found in an old hardware store, and replaced the anachronistic modern doorknob with one of our antique brass knobs. 

Because we reclaim our heart pine, the wood we used in the furniture is at least as old as the house, and, as it was used ubiquitously in historic Savannah, would have been found in the original house. The doorknob too was rescued from the dumpster of one of our historic deconstruction projects, and also at least as old as the house. 

We certainly were able to restore and renovate the space. 

Custom Reclaimed Heart Pine Shelving with Vintage Rolling Ladder

 Custom Reclaimed Heart Pine Wardrobe

These cabinets really reflect the innate beauty of heart pine, its visible texture and ring structure, and diversity of color. It provided enough accent to complete a whole wall! 

Antique Brass Doorknob with Escutcheon Plate

The story behind this doorknob was actually quite amusing. While renovating the room, we had cleared enough space finally to see the original knob on this door. It was a boring plated modern doorknob, quite anachronistic and out of keeping with the design aesthetic we had worked to present. Luckily, because of our salvage and deconstruction work, we have dozens of antique doorknobs of all shapes, sizes, and materials, and could quickly find the right replacement.  

Ramsey was enthusiastic about explaining the history of our wood, and its coherence with the renovation and design at hand. When host Antonio Sabato Jr. unveiled the room to Professor Chaney, he described our wood as "the best in Georgia!" Of course we were quite flattered with this compliment, as it results from our work salvaging, reclaiming, and repurposing wood that would otherwise be thrown out. 

You can find videos on the show on Nicki Huggins' Vimeo

Or the videos can be found here (unfortunately they can't be embedded in this blog presently!)

Be sure to check them out!