Our Repurposed Balusters for AnSquared

We were delighted with the final look of AnSquared's huge (6.5' x 4'!) custom coffee table with legs repurposed from our beautiful salvaged, antique balusters. 

The finished coffee table. Photo courtesy of AnSquared.

The finished coffee table. Photo courtesy of AnSquared.

We're big admirers and supporters of AnSquared.  They work out of Indianapolis, producing designs and furniture made from recycled and reclaimed materials, with the mission of making beautiful pieces from recycled materials, leaving behind the smallest carbon footprint possible. This coincides perfectly with our own ethos and mission, so we were happy to supply our salvaged balusters for this project.

Back in November, Anthony at AnSquared asked if anyone could turn a few large table legs for a coffee table he was making for a client. We contacted him, told him we certainly could, but that we also had a row of balusters salvaged from a porch in the Historic District, which happened to be nearly the same dimensions he needed. He was happy to accept our salvaged materials, rather than expend the energy required to turn out new ones. And certainly the unconventional use of porch balusters as table legs made for a great embellishment to the table. So off we sent them! 

The baluster in our shop, before removing it from balustrade and rail. You can see the palimpsest of layers of paint. 

Another set still in our shop. 

Another set still in our shop. 

It's always a pleasure to see old architectural accents return to life in a sort of metempsychosis of furnishing. The case is quite extreme considering the size of the actual balustrade. 

The process, from his instagram

As he scraped off the original paint, what he found was a beautiful old poplar wood, with incredible coloration and grain.

If you're interested in this table or more of AnSquare's work, be sure to check out their website

And if you'd like a few of these beautiful antique balusters for your own project, contact us today.