Spring Cleaning Sale, Retrospectively

Last Saturday we opened the doors to our entire shop and held a wonderful spring cleaning yardsale.

As we've mentioned before, we've been sorting through heaps of antique heart pine and building materials to make room for new projects. But we also have a myriad of old and historic architectural accents and furnishings we've accumulated from deconstruction projects, dumpsters, and Ramsey's own private collection. We decided it was time to let go of some of our trove, open the windows, and let the spring breeze run freer.  

And the turnout was astonishing. Hundreds meandered through the labyrinthine woodshop, finding everything from huge plantation mantels, French doors, antique gas burners, iron grates, Gunlocke chairs, and even an old water fountain. But along with the sale, we also were grateful that so many eyes saw our woodworking and flooring operation for the first time. So as a gesture of appreciation, we've posted below some pictures taken at the event: have a look! 

Photo courtesy of Jon Waits. 

Photo courtesy of Jon Waits. 

As always, Ramsey enjoyed himself thoroughly, and provided yet another spectacle. 

My favorite piece, this salvaged water fountain, went to our friend Wes' garden, he plans to hook it up for his children to play with. 

Unfortunately this hilarity poster went unsold. But we are already planning our next sale, this previous was such a success. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted in advance! Thank you everyone, again.