Reclaimed Heart Pine "Sawbuck" Table

To celebrate this concurrent Full Moon and Friday the thirteenth (!), I'd like to bring back the table we made that was featured in the Longleaf Leader for their Artist Spotlight

This formal sawbuck table (Dutch ‘zaagebok’-trestle, or saw horse, or, taken literally saw-goat) was just finished for our friend at the Longleaf Alliance, comitted to providing a sustainable future to the longleaf pine ecosystem. In keeping with our tradition, and it’s new owner’s namesake, it is fashioned from reclaimed character longleaf pine, which dazzles the eye with its variety of grain patterning. 

Our plan was to make an heirloom, instilling formality, in the traditional, rustic, saw-buck table, making it appropriate for a dining room, and we hope will sustain Thanksgiving dinner perfectly!