Reclaimed Heart Pine Range Hood

We recently shipped off a beautiful twelve-foot board of antique heart pine to be used as a kitchen's range hood cover. Of course the question was what exactly they'd be doing with the wood, and why for a range hood.

But to start, here's the hood cover:

As you can see, it functions as a simple accent or anchor to the predominantly white cabinets and walls. They wanted a means of contrast to comprehend the diversity of color and texture of the entire room. It happened they the floor of the room was a lovely dark wood, so they considered wood the proper material for the job. When we brought them by, they noticed our saw marked boards, which provide a series of curved traced of the original cut. These are much sought after, for just this reason, that it adds a different texture to traditionally angular rooms. 

Thus the kitchen:

And thus the 10" board:

We have stacks and stacks of boards just like these, so if you'd like one of your own, just contact us