Antique Heart Pine Flooring

Aside from all of our heart pine furniture and architectural accents, river reclaimed pieces, and restoration work, our work focuses mainly on the reclaimed flooring we're constantly milling and installing across the southeast.  

Ramsey with an order of flooring ready to be shipped out. This picture comes from a lovely photoessay on Savannah businesses by Wesley Verhoeve which you may read here:

The vast majority of our wood we've sourced ourselves from 25 years of preservation and deconstruction work in Savannah. Rather than let these pieces dating back to the first floors in the colony of Georgia end up in a landfill, we carefully remove them from their original home, or rescue them from dumpsters. The wood is priceless in its historical value, but also the fact that it is mostly old growth longleaf pine, which was deforested nearly to extinction. This wood's strength, age, and tight grain means it sometimes (especially in our case) can last longer than the home it floors. 

After salvaging these boards, our principle job is denailing. We can spend all day removing nails accrued in the wood from hundreds of years of use and reuse. Some are more difficult than others, but even when that's finished, we have lots of cleaning up to do until they're flooring: 

Once the boards have been planed and milled to the right size, we then stack and ship them off. If we install them, we almost always use only wax and mineral oil, leaving a coat over the old grain pattern, and sometimes even the original paint. 

ant heart2.jpg

In the end the flooring gives a colorful and antique look to the room in which it has been installed, and bears weight on hundreds of years of history. 

We have stockpiled so much wood over the decades, that we'd love to send it to any and all floors. If you would like an antique heart pine floor to walk on, please contact us