Designer Tables: Lucite and Two Cherries

Exotic woods also often turn up in our shop, which we implement into our equally exotic designer furniture. Take this for example:


This table bears a tabletop made from two boards of black cherry, with a center board of Brazilian cherry. The base is made of three pieces of lucite.

Despite its name, Brazilian cherry does not bear cherries, in fact it is not a cherry tree at all, it produces legumes. The tree's scientific designation is hymeneal courbaril, and commonly goes by stinktoe, stinking toe, or old man's toe, due to the disagreeable odor its seed pod's pulp emits. The wood, however, rates very high on the Birnell scale for hardness, and is in great demand for furniture. 

The other two boards, though less exotic than the Brazilian, are of black cherry, a favorite with cabinet and furniture makers. 

The lucite legs give an almost ethereal look to the table, as if the top is sustained by columns of cloud. It's probably one of our favorite pieces we've made.