Antique Victorian Siding at (a Treylor Park's) Hitch

We wanted to commemorate the recent opening of Treylor Park's new addition Hitch, (on 300 Drayton St!) with a short remark about their bar's new and historic siding. 

From our deconstruction work in the Victorian district of Savannah, we've accumulated quite a lot of these pieces of painted siding from the late 19th century. It's often cut with a v-grove of a bead, and after the years has accumulated layers of different coats of paint. One hundred years of flaking, change, and displacement has left an imitable patina which now sides this lovely new Savannah bar. 

All photos courtesy of  Hitch  themselves. 

All photos courtesy of Hitch themselves. 

The assortment of paint jobs keeps the once stately look of these boards become eclectic by intermixing. 

And the tough installation!

Here's how they describe themselves:

"Treylor Park and Hitch are built on the motto "Quality over Quantity".  In everything we do, quality comes first.  Whether you are talking about our seasonal cocktails,  our craft beer, or our local fare, everything is done with quality in mind.  Treylor Park and Hitch are unique spaces that offer a fun and unique food/cocktail/beer menu day and night. Whether you are in the mood for a nice, smooth cocktail or a cool crisp draft beer, these unique classic restaurants are full of great music and great energy."

We're happy to help another restaurant (and bar!) out in Savannah, and hope you stop by to try their menu out.You can read more about them here.