Reclaimed Historic Building Materials

Old growth heart pine pilings, c. 1840, recovered from the Savannah River.

Each reclaimed product we offer comprises an individual tile in the rich mosaic of Savannah's centuries-old history. Be it river-recovered flooring milled from one of the original wharf's pilings, a hand-made brick taken from its would-be grave in a landfill, boards salvaged from a condemned Victorian porch, or a neglected hatch-cover of a WWII Liberty Ship, every piece we've collected is a memorial, bearing the scars and messages of time.

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Our varieties of reclaimed flooring comprise an inventory that we have been collected over decades in Savannah, from salvaged antique flooring dating from the 18th to the 20th century, or from river-recovered pilings and reclaimed timbers we mill into flooring specification. Each floor has a rich history made to fit any project. 

Aside from flooring, we possess reclaimed lumber from as diverse a historical and material background. Our sizes  range from traditional boards to entire beams, or custom mill-work.